Once again, another change

21 Mar

back from a long time, but here we go, moving once more, hopefully for good.




Kitsune Kon

26 Feb

When thinking of the states, most people jump to California or New York, not a dairy/drunkyard state like Wisconsin. Of such, the Otaku community is pretty small. Five years ago one couldn’t even buy Pocky unless if they were in Madison or Milwaukee. So when a small, small convention became available to northeast wisconsin, many people were overjoyed and leapt at the chance to go to a place to talk about anime with more than the 12-year-old Narutards. (Well, most of them weren’t)

(FYI all shots were on auto, so sorry if your eyes bleed)

The pointless crap I got. Glad I got the FF8 poster and Miku bag though.

I love Vic. I would talk to him every day if I could.

Cosplay time.

Adorable couple that was walking around.

(Sorry, she’s not legal yet)

Kids. So cute. x3

Best group that was there. Although not in this picutre so much, the Luigi was a CUTE boy.

One of the best cosplays of the day, except…

Even classic shojo can’t beat this. Wish I got more pictures of him, but his costume needed fixing.

These pictures don’t do justice but my favorite stand had to be the Pixel Portrayal, where everything was made from perler beads and backed with foam.

The lady is so very nice.


Started snowing soon after we got there : ) Love Wisconsin.


17 Feb


“So I walk into the room and my husband is feeding my 18 month-old these stupid sticky sour patch watermelon things and she had them all over her face. I was all O-O “Nuuuu!” and he was all 😀 “Cool! She’s not crying!”

– Siste R (until I remember her last name)

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day!

15 Feb


The Packers won the Superbowl!!!

: D

I love Wisconsin.


20 Jan

Thank You for reading.

:0 Doughnuts

13 Jan

Thank You for Reading.

Don’t touch the food.

11 Jan

Foot catch.

Foot Throw

Unforgivable. (I’d still eat it.)

: D

Thank You For Reading

Jun Planning’s 1/8 Akihime Sumomo

1 Jan

This is one of the first figures that I ever truly wanted, so when it when on sale at HLJ I jumped for it. It’s not my favorite figure, but it’s one that I’ve wanted for the last two years, even before I stumbled into figure-ism.

Of course, I have this habit of breaking every figure I own within 24 hours of first contact.

Nothing a little Krazy glue can’t fix.